Friday, January 25, 2008


Wow! Lots of my fave blogs went private and I have no way of acccessing them anymore.

If anyone reads this and know how to get an invite from "Lost-In-Tyme", "Rockrula", "Heavy Rock Spectacular", please drop me a line in the Comments section with perhaps an email address of the blog authors so I can get an invite.

Don't worry. I will not publish any comments containing emails or other such information.

Many thanks,



Dgrador said...

Dunno about everyone on your list, but at leat one is just re-organizing before coming back online.

Don't fret...

In the meantime, go catch some fresh air or a gig or sometin'.


Anonymous said...

lost in tyme went back to public.....juding by rockrulas stats from 9000 hits a day to 32½ they should follow soon

thinice said...

looking to get in touch with rockrula for an invite to the blog. Any ideas?


Meester Music said...

Good Luck in trying to get a hold of Rockrula.

I even had an inside track to get a hold of him, and no response.


DJ Kool JB said...

hey meester, great blog apparently you were the only one to get the actual alphonse mouzon album essence of mystery from blog de pekis. he seems bent on showcasing it, and not letting anyone else have it. if you can share it with me, or can point me to someone who'll actually let you get it i will be eternally in your debt. thanx in advance

Meester Music said...

Catching up on email.

Yes, I grabbed "Essence Of Mystery" by Mouzon. Liked it so much, I started searching for anything by him. He rocks!

I'll have to find it, but when I do, I'll share.


DJ Kool JB said...

i appreciate it meester, keep up the great work on the blog. thanx in advance