Thursday, February 28, 2008


Just about every Canuck worth his or her pound of salt knows Crowbar's singular huge hit, "Oh, What A Feeling" maybe, just maybe, one of THE greatest all-time hits to come out of Canada. A timeless classic, a goodfeel tune from a goodtime boogie band that had fun playing their music and you can HEAR it between the grooves.
Originating out of Hamilton, the band was led by Kelly Jay, a veritable mountain of a man with his huge mop of hair and (later) bushy beard. He could pound ONE MEAN boogie-woogie piano and had a great growl of a voice to go with it.
Let me tell you that in 1970-73 or so, CROWBAR was HUGE in Southern Ontario, playing everywhere it seemed...packing Ontario Place one night, Massey Hall the next.
Check out the flipside of the "Oh, What A Feeling" 45, "Murder In The First Degree". Better piano playing you won't hear. Or how about "In The Dancing Hold", with that opening from SOME classical piece (I don't know which one, maybe you will....) then right into the groove.
Classic slice of Canadian Rock. These guys were AWESOME.
(trivia: Josef Chirowski (piano/organ/vocal) appeared on Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare" which Alice recorded in Toronto. My late buddy played on the sessions but didn't get his name on the LP cuz he wasn't yet a member of the Musician's Union (he was only 16!!!). Also, Kelly Jay used to be a DJ on CHUM-FM. Wild show!!!!)


1. The Frenchman's Cherokee Boogie Incident
2. Let The Four Winds Blow
3. Cane On The Brazos
4. In The Dancing Hold
5. Where Are You?
6. Lay One Down
7. Oh Never Be A Dodo
8. Murder In The First Degree
9. Trilby
10. Dead Head Out Of St. John's
11. Tits Up On The Pavement
12. Oh What A Feeling

Grab it HERE

and HERE too!

Friday, February 15, 2008

"He's DEAD, wait!....he's just singin'"

I'm straying a bit here, but this is ONE HILARIOUS CD, put together by your friends at the Space Station. Technically speaking, William Shatner is Canadian, so I guess I'm still sticking to the format!

The CD takes some of the greatest hits (?) from Leonard Nimoy's & Capt. Kirk's LPs. BOTH should have just stuck to acting, but at least Shatner does his bits with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Bill doesn't exactly SING his parts as much as recite the spoken word. Bill no doubt had a lot of fun doing his gigs and you can hear it in his voice. Spock, on the other hand, firmly believes that he is the next great chanteuse of his era, and that Frank & Dino and the rest had better watch out!!.

The CD opens with the great Shatner reading of "King Henry The Fifth". Listening to it, I couldn't help but think of Rocket Robin Hood battling the evil Sheriff John.....and where the hell is Friar Tuck to come help? (that last part is strictly a bit of Canadiana, "Rocket Robin Hood" being one of the greatest cartoons of my childhood-adolescence.....right up there with "Spiderman" and "The World Of Oz"). Shatner stirs the troops up for battle, and you just got to love the trumpets blaring. Shades of Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

Wait till you hear "Mr. Tambourine Man". The Dylan classic is apparently a song about a drug dealer, and Bill sings the song with the angst of a druggie desparately looking for his next fix. CAN YOU NAME ME ANY OTHER ARTIST WHO INTERPRETED THIS SONG CORRECTLY? NO!!!! Bill is a goddamned genius!!!

Move on to "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". Here, Bill obviously found his Tambourine Man, got his fix, and is tripping higher.......higher.....HIGHER. Listen to how he belts the end of the refrain ".....and SHE'S GONE-GONE-GONE-GONE" The echo!!! The angst!!! (what? MORE angst?). Unbelievable. I cannot believe John Lennon (who penned this great song) misinterpreted his own composition......again, we bow to the genius of Bill.

Lastly, take in Bill's version of "It Was A Very Good Year". Notice how the first part is when he's about 17 or so and sings like the young, inexperienced wide-eyed man that any 17 year-old would be. THEN.....he's 21 now. Older, experienced, a "man of the world". YOU CAN HEAR IT IN HIS VOICE!!! The angst...the...what? With the angst again? Oh Bill, you kidder you!!!!

Spock? "Highly Illogical" poses questions that will leave you bewildered for days on end. What did Leonard MEAN by that? Wow, man. Or "Spock's Thoughts", where Leonard advises to even "listen to the dull and ignorant for they too, have their story." Such enlightenment! And sung with the type of fervor that only Nimoy could conjure up.

You can't afford to not have this classic in your collection. It's deliciously awe-inspiring. I'm SURE that the William Hungs of the world based their life teachings on these works of art! Grab it now!!!

What? You are AREN'T going to grab this? HIGHLY ILLOGICAL!!!

"Spaced Out" - Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner

01 King Henry The Fifth - William Shatner

02 Elegy For The Brave - William Shatner

03 Highly Illogical - Leonard Nimoy

04 If I Had A Hammer - Leonard Nimoy

05 Mr. Tambourine Man - William Shatner

06 Where Is Love - Leonard Nimoy

97 Music To Watch Space Girls By - Leonard Nimoy

08 It Was A Very Good Year - William Shatner

09 Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town - Leonard Nimoy

10 Hamlet - William Shatner

11 A Visit To A Sad Planet - Leonard Nimoy

12 Abraham, Martin & John - Leonard Nimoy

13 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - William Shatner

14 If I Was A Carpenter - Leonard Nimoy

15 How Insensitive - William Shatner

16 I'd Love Making Love To You - Leonard Nimoy

17 Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Leonard Nimoy

18 Sunny - Leonard Nimoy

19 Gentle On My Mind - Leonard Nimoy

20 I Walk The Line - Leonard Nimoy

21 Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy

22 Everybody's Talkin' - Leonard Nimoy

23 Both Sides Now - Leonard Nimoy

24 Spock Thoughts - Leonard Nimoy

Spaced Out part 1

Spaced Out part 2

Two to beam up!!!


Sunday, February 10, 2008


A rare slice of Canadiana here. The Sir John A. Records label was formed in November 1966 by local DJ John Pozer. Up to this point, PAUL ANKA was Ottawa's famous son, hitting the big-time with his hit "Diana". This CD is testament to the fact that Ottawa had some GREAT rock 'n roll bands. I wouldn't exactly classify this as Garage Rock (the production is too good) but the mentality is certainly there. Lots of Brit influence, yet on the cut "All Of My Life" by Don Norman & The Other 4, you can hear Bob Dylan's influence in the vocals.

Dig it!

Various Artists - "Ottawa Rocks: The Sir John A. Years"

01 Low Man - Don Norman & The Other 4
02 The Bounce - Don Norman & The Other 4
03 All Of My Life - Don Norman & The Other 4
04 Good Time Music - Five D
05 You Gotta Try - Thee Deuces
06 Time To Be Going - Eyes Of Dawn
07 Tell Me Why - Those Naughty Boys
08 Baby Boy - Five D
09 Hung Up On You - Thee Deuces
10 Your Place In My Heart - Don Norman & The Other 4
11 Fever - Don Norman & The Other 4
12 Running 'Round In Circles - Five D
13 When You Ask About Love - Eastern Passage
14 Treat Me Bad - Heart
15 Ignorance And Hardship - Eyes Of Dawn
16 Get Out Of My Life Woman - Five D
17 Somebody Told My Girl - Those Naughty Boys
18 Love Is Gone - Eastern Passage
19 My Mind's Eye - Paper Dream
20 Nothing To Do, No Place To Go - Don Norman & The Other 4
21 Help Me Down - Heart
22 I Could Make You Fall In Love
23 Things Go Better With Coke - Five D
24 Dimentia - Five D
25 She's No Good - Paper Dream
26 I'm So Glad - Eastern Passage

Ottawa Rocks Part 1

Ottawa Rocks Part 2

Artwork & Booklet info included .