Saturday, June 27, 2015


Just the other week, STICKY FINGERS was reissued.  Available in a variety of formats, this is not a remaster job but more of a repacking job (with some bonus extras).

If you are into CDs, there is the Deluxe Version.  2CDs plus a small booklet.  The first CD is the 2009 digital remaster of the original LP.  The second CD contains some well-known and well-bootlegs alternate takes (Eric Clapton and Al Koopler playing Brown Sugar!!!).  It also contains some live tracks from the Rolling Stones performance at the Roundhouse back in '71.

For a considerable amount more money, you can get the SUPER deluxe edition which includes a THIRD CD plus a DVD and a considerably bigger booklet.  The third CD is from their Leeds University 1971 show and has been bootlegged extensively as "Get Your Leeds Lungs Out".  I believe the bootleg has only been available in mono.  This new version has been cleaned up and is in glorious stereo.  Very nice!!!

The DVD is a teaser that contains a couple of tracks from the Stones' show at the Marquee Club in 1971.  The Rolling Stones: From The Vault series has just released the Marquee Club 1971 show in its entirety and is a beaut.  The show is the last UK show before the Stones went into self-exile to France to get away from the oppressive British tax laws.

There is also a single vinyl version of the original LP (again, sourced from the 2009 remaster).  There is also a double-LP version which includes the outtakes and Roundhouse songs mentioned earlier.  The 2-LP version also includes a working zipper (see photo), the single LP does NOT.

I should also mention that you can go to the iTunes store and purchase the 3CDs from there.  At $19.99 it's a great price, but no booklets, but a very nice digitial copy.

A classic LP that should be in every music lover's collection. 


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