Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turntable Upgrade

Well, after almost 30 years with the same Dual 506, I finally went for an upgrade with the Christmas money I received this year.

I purchased a brand spanking-new PRO-JECT DEBUT CARBON turntable.  I got it from a really cool audio shop in Toronto called AUDIO OASIS.  Check out the link to their webpage.  If you ever get a chance to drop in, say hi to George!

Here is a picture of the turntable.  Black.  "Piano" they call it.


Carbon tonearm and an audiophile Ortofon 2M RED cartridge/stylus makes for a nice delivery of sound.

Platter is bigger, heavier AND it comes with a felt mat, so it cuts down on static pick-up and hence less pops and clicks.

Got a Boxing Day discount on it!  Took about an hour to assemble.  Cartridge was already mounted, so it was more of putting the belt on the motor (easy), adding the counterweight and balancing off (easy), and then attaching the anti-skating counterweight (easy).

My Dual 506 now becomes my official back-up TT for transferring vinyl to digitial format via my REGA phono pre-amp into my laptop.   The dual 505-2 now goes on sale.  I'm reluctant to part with ANY  turntable, but I've got a real beaut now and a maintained backup.

I also have another Dual 506 but I noticed one of the phono jacks has a break in it and grounds out on occasion.  anyone who is deft with a soldering gun could fix it in about 30 minutes (I do not possess that skill).   I ALSO HAVE an old BSR 25CV MacDonald turntable.  However, the platter is seized and I can't even pry off the platter to fix.  I'm sure a professional could do it in a heartbeat, but I'm not prepared to invest any time/money on this one, so I'll try to sell it too, but for cheap.