Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Resurrection Of Vinyl

VINYL is back!!

I don't think it ever went away. It sort of got kicked under the carpet with the introduction of CD's back in the mid-80's.

But I've been noticing lately a resurgence of vinyl. Did you realize that almost every major release is both on CD, Vinyl or a combination of the two? I recently purchased the new SHEEPDOGS release. I was able to purchase the LP (on nice thick 180gm vinyl) and it included the cd as well. BONUS!!

What I hope to do here is relate my vinyl experiences, list some of the great stuff that's out there, maybe drop a few samples etc. I will NOT be sharing LPs anymore. Too much heat out there. Not worth the bother. Sorry, if you're looking for that kind of thing, well....good luck. Try the bit torrents (even though THEY have been shut down as well. Back shortly with my Bay Bloor Radio experience a few weeks back.

- Meester Music

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