Monday, October 29, 2012

Alice Cooper - LOVE IT TO DEATH (1971)

This was Alice Cooper's breakthrough LP, featuring the hit "I'm Eighteen", which screamed up the charts, received all kinds of airplay, and signified the arrival of this band.

In the cover shoot, whether intentionally (probably) or not, Alice decided to stick his thumb through his pant zipper to make it look like something else. 

I guess the photographer was so engrossed in framing the shot, the lighting etc, that he did not notice Alice's *ahem* indiscretion.

I guess the LP cover designer ALSO  was engrossed in his task, because HE/SHE missed the indiscretion as well.

SOMEWHERE, someone finally notified Warner Bros. of the "offending" cover.  It was already on the stands! Heavens!  what do we do??

Here is the original LP cover below:

I can see the entire morality of teenagers go straight to the shit bucket after viewing this cover.

Well, Warner Bros. decided to pull the remaining copies off the shelves and reissue the LP.  To save money, they decided to airbrush out the offending digit.  But then they had a problem with the exposed portion of Alice's right arm.  OK.  No problem.  Let's airbrush THAT out too.  So below, is the CENSORED airbrushed version:

I mean, REALLY.... I'd be more worried about the band member in the back row, top left.  What the hell is he wearing??  Now THAT, I'd be concerned about........

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