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A rare slice of Canadiana here. The Sir John A. Records label was formed in November 1966 by local DJ John Pozer. Up to this point, PAUL ANKA was Ottawa's famous son, hitting the big-time with his hit "Diana". This CD is testament to the fact that Ottawa had some GREAT rock 'n roll bands. I wouldn't exactly classify this as Garage Rock (the production is too good) but the mentality is certainly there. Lots of Brit influence, yet on the cut "All Of My Life" by Don Norman & The Other 4, you can hear Bob Dylan's influence in the vocals.

Dig it!

Various Artists - "Ottawa Rocks: The Sir John A. Years"

01 Low Man - Don Norman & The Other 4
02 The Bounce - Don Norman & The Other 4
03 All Of My Life - Don Norman & The Other 4
04 Good Time Music - Five D
05 You Gotta Try - Thee Deuces
06 Time To Be Going - Eyes Of Dawn
07 Tell Me Why - Those Naughty Boys
08 Baby Boy - Five D
09 Hung Up On You - Thee Deuces
10 Your Place In My Heart - Don Norman & The Other 4
11 Fever - Don Norman & The Other 4
12 Running 'Round In Circles - Five D
13 When You Ask About Love - Eastern Passage
14 Treat Me Bad - Heart
15 Ignorance And Hardship - Eyes Of Dawn
16 Get Out Of My Life Woman - Five D
17 Somebody Told My Girl - Those Naughty Boys
18 Love Is Gone - Eastern Passage
19 My Mind's Eye - Paper Dream
20 Nothing To Do, No Place To Go - Don Norman & The Other 4
21 Help Me Down - Heart
22 I Could Make You Fall In Love
23 Things Go Better With Coke - Five D
24 Dimentia - Five D
25 She's No Good - Paper Dream
26 I'm So Glad - Eastern Passage

Ottawa Rocks Part 1

Ottawa Rocks Part 2

Artwork & Booklet info included .


Anonymous said...

Wow... A definite Dylan influence with Don Norman & The Other 4 on "All Of My Life", and 5 D "Good Time Music" sounds like the Canadian answer to the Beach Boys~! Thanks too for including the booklet, nice bonus! It's a great share for those of us who like the obscure stuff!

G. aka Lateboomer

jimmark66 said...

Thanks for this


jimmark66 said...

I am thanking you late, but thanks for this.


Steven K said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I've looked everywhere for this album, and finally I found it, and I love it! I can't thank you enough!


Lloyd Sheen said...

I grew up with all these bands. Went to see them each weekend at either school or church hall dances. Man what memories of the late 60's. I remember when the 5D opened for the Who opening the Civic Centre in Ottawa and I am still friends with the drummer for Don Norman & The Other 4 (they played at my graduation)

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting to get into '60s Canada rock so this is a great help. Thanks for posting this and many other great albums.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, please email me @ I'd like to get in touch with whoever from this era is still alive and kickin'. Thanks! - Matt

Anonymous said...

Just had to pay 50$ for this cd on that big auction site we all love! Worth every cent. Not a huge fan of 60s but luv thi cd. Now about that vinyl reissue